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Vision to use mobile phones for basic instruction at all grade levels.

Advantage is the student can learn without the presence of a teacher.

Advantage is the student can still do other chores required by family.

Advantage is the knowledge of one student can be shared among other students.

Advantage is the student needs very little in supplies to practice most basic skills.

Advantage is the student learns to be self motivated and independent while still realizing the need for laws and guidelines in society.

Vision to Award Scholarships to Minority Christian Students

Advantage to student is that the nature of the scholarships are designed to prepare the recipient for the role of a servant/leader in government.

Advantage to culture and society is that these leaders will be learning how to unify the society by promoting democratic policies based on equal humanitarian rights for all citizens.

Advantage to citizens is they will be governed by servant/leaders who will model the example of Jesus of Nazareth and not by people motivated by ambition, power and greed.  

Vision for building Eco Friendly schools at low cost in rural areas.

Advantage is they can be built using simple tools by those living in the area without major investment by government.

Advantage is students have a place sheltered from weather and simple desks can be built from similar materials.

Advantage for rural area is the village children do not have far to travel and no vehicles needed for transportation.